Hero Electric Launches High-Speed Electric Scooters In India

One of India’s leading electric bike manufacturers has launched high-speed electric scooters ahead of the Auto Expo 2018.

Hero Electric, a subsidiary of Hero Motors, launched a new electric scooter codenamed AXLHE-20. The scooter is perhaps the most powerful scooter currently being offered by the company. According to media reports, the scooter houses a 4 kilowatt motor powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. 

The company claims a top speed of 85 kilometers (53 miles) per hour with a maximum range of 110 kilometers (68 miles) in one full charge. It would take four hours to fully charge the battery pack but with regenerative braking the pack can also be charged, to some extent, on the go.

The top speed as well as maximum range is very suitable for daily travel in a metropolitan area like New Delhi. It can be easily charged at home overnight or at the office during the day. Power utilities in India currently do not offer concessional tariffs for charging electric vehicles, but once they do, consumers may find it financially efficient to use electric bikes like the AXLHE-20.

Hero Electric also announced the launch of two electric bicycles along with the scooter.

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