Winds of change: Seven key statistics of Europe’s booming offshore wind industry

A new report released on Tuesday (6 February) by WindEurope highlights a record year for Europe and UK offshore wind projects. Diving into the data, EURACTIV’s media partner edie brings you seven surprising statistics, from the continent’s booming offshore industry.

Offshore wind is quickly becoming a mainstream energy source for nations, with installation costs tumbling at record rates. The UK enjoyed its “greenest year ever” in 2017, and offshore projects played a big part in that.

Across Europe, the trajectory also looks promising, with WindEurope’s latest report outlining huge growth in the market.

Wind Europe’s chief executive Giles Dickson said: “Offshore wind is now a mainstream part of the power system. And the costs have fallen rapidly. Investing in offshore wind today costs no more than in conventional power generation.

“It just shows Europe’s ready to embrace a much higher renewable target for 2030. 35% is easily achievable. Not least now that floating offshore wind farms are also coming on line.”

But as 2020 deadlines for European-based renewables policy close in, how do current and future trends stack up? Edie has looked through the report to bring readers seven key takeaways from Europe’s booming offshore wind industry.

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