In MP, get ready to pay 3 times more than Delhi as power tariff

If a power tariff hike proposal from discoms gets a stamp of approval, you will end up paying three time more than what consumers pay for the same number of units in Delhi.

To put it simply, consumers in the state will pay Rs 3012 for use of same power consumption for which Delhites shell out Rs 961.Madhya Pradesh power distribution companies submitted their annual revenue requirement before the Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (MPERC) for year 2018-19, seeking a tariff hike of 4%.Experts, however, feel there is an urgent need to review existing tariff in the state, where power tariff is highest in the country.

A comparison of the power tariff in Delhi after recent hike there reveals startling difference.An analysis of the tariff of Delhi and Madhya Pradesh by former additional chief engineer of Madhya Pradesh Power Generation Company Limited, Rajendra Agarwal says not only for consumers whose power bills are being subsidized by the Delhi government, but power is costlier in Madhya Pradesh even for high-end consumers, whose bills are not being subsidized in Delhi.“The power bill of consumers using 200 units of power per month is Rs 550 in Delhi, but consumers in the state will have to pay Rs 1,367 for same consumption.

Similarly, in other segments, consumers using 300 units of power every month, will have to pay 2.76 times more in Madhya Pradesh.

For consumers using 400 units of power every month, the power bill will be 3.1 times as much in Madhya Pradesh when compared to Delhi,” Agarwal told TOI.It is wrong to say power bills in Delhi are lower because government is subsidizing them.

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