Tata Power CEO Praveer Sinha says best positioned to deal with coming disruptions in energy markets

Praveer Sinha, the newly appointed managing director and CEO of Tata Power is convinced that the energy markets are in for a huge disruption.

In a free-wheeling interview with Moneycontrol, he said, “There is a huge disruption that is happening in the market and as a company if you are strong and still continue to innovate then you can capture the market. When I say disruption, it is taking place in green energy, with large power plants and large transmission lines too. There will be new models that will come up in distribution.

Based on our understanding about the sector and our exposure globally, we are best positioned to capture the market. We will definitely come up with unique solutions which would be different from those offered by our competitors and that will discriminate us from the rest. That means Tata Power will be poised to do many things that no one has done in the country.

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