Energy Storage: A Game Changer For Renewables

India, undoubtedly, is on the path to becoming one of the global leaders in the renewable energy sector. Being ranked fourth in the wind and fifth in solar, India is gradually transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables. This ongoing revolution is creating demand for new storage technologies and options to integrate clean energy into the power system. It is heralding a change where India is transitioning rapidly to renewables.

Storage technologies will allow for more reliable and flexible operation of the electricity distribution and transmission grids, enhancing electric power quality and making renewable energy user-friendly. Overall, it would be a cost-effective solution in the long-run to lessen the requirement for backup capacities by storing the solar power during the day and feeding it back into the system after sunset.

What is needed is the ramping up of energy storage technologies, especially at a time when hopes are high for a major shift to electric mobility. It is being projected that within the next five to seven years, electric vehicles, on a cost-competitive basis, would outpace fossil fuel-based transportation. Therefore, the pressure is on electric mobility to help bring down the country’s dependence on imported fossil fuels, thereby improving India’s energy security.

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