Mercom says India was 2nd largest solar market in H1

First-half solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity additions in India totalled 4.9 GW, second only to China, Mercom India Research said.

With the new deployments, India beat the US, which installed 4.7 GW of solar capacity. China remained the market leader with 24.3 GW of new PV capacity into operation in the six months.

In the second quarter, India brought online 1.6 GW of solar parks, while the US commissioned 2.27 GW.

According to Mercom, the upward trend in solar deployments in India is not likely to continue as the project development pipeline in the country is “relatively weak” and will be further shaken by the imposition of safeguard duties on imported solar cells and modules and policy uncertainties.



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  1. R Kundu says:

    Largest ever SCAM is coming shortly on Solar Power investments. *Entrepreneurs are quoting absolutely non feasible rates of unit power cost*. Please recall solar power generation capabilities are least, less than 1/4th is thermal power or so.
    Taxpayers money through Banks/Financial Institutions are getting drained to private developers.

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