SoftBank’s Son offers free power to India after solar projects complete 25 years

Masayoshi Son, the Chief Executive Officer of SoftBank, has offered free power to India and other member countries of the International Solar Alliance once solar power projects complete 25 years.

Speaking at the second Re-Invest conference, Son said, “As long as you have the land and sunshine, as long as you have the eyes and ears listening to me, I will give you free power.”

As a ‘special offer’ for International Solar Alliance member countries, Son said, “SoftBank offers free power from solar power projects after a Power Purchase Agreement of 25 years.”

Son said the life of a solar power project can extend to 80 years. “The capacity of the project lowers by 15 per cent in the first five years. But after that, the generation is maintained at 85 per cent of the project capacity for its lifetime,” Son added.



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