IREDA Issues RfP For Empanelment of Resource Assessment Agencies For Solar & Wind Energy

The Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) has issued a Request for Proposal (RfP) inviting proposals fro the empanelment of resource assessment agencies for solar and wind energy.

The empanelment for resource assessment agencies is being done for Wind and Solar technologies, separately.

The brief scope of work for the empaneled agencies will include; the site-specific Assessment of suitability of the site and project design for setting-up of a solar project, and site-specific validation of solar energy yield estimates along with assumptions considering the site parameters, project design, components such as modules, inverters, etc.  They will also be required to observe adequacy of site and land (acreage) required for setting up the projects.

To be eligible, the agency should be profitable during the last FY 2017-18, and an average annual financial turnover for the past 3 financial years not less than Rs 25 lakhs. The minimum annual net-worth of the should not be less than Rs 30 lakhs in the same period.

Additionally, the bidder should have completed at least 5 assignments, in last three financial years, as a resource assessment agency for wind power projects, (if applying for empanelment as wind resource assessment agency ) or solar power projects (if applying for empanelment as solar resource assessment agency). And, should have at least one active licensed software for wind resource assessment or solar radiation assessment, as per the empanelment applied for.

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