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Through Internet advertising you can make contact with more audiences than most other marketing mediums. Direct, tailored and to the point web pages give viewers what they need.

About (IPS) is a content and knowledge sharing website and is based in Delhi. The website was developed and launched 4 years back and enjoys high visibility and dedicated subscribers specifically in the power sector. The website is run and managed by  NPTI Alumini having specialization in different fields of power sector which gives  a 360 degrees overview of the Indian Power Market.  It provides a knowledge sharing platform for the power sector professionals. It is a knowledge driven venture and is positioned to provide the power sector updates, analysis, discussions, interviews of power sector dignitaries and various customized services like analysis, research and consultancy.

Reach Your Targeted Audience in Power Sector helps the professionals by providing them industry news, data, analysis and a discussion & knowledge sharing platform. Today reaches more than 10000 registered users everyday through E-mails. We have more than 2 Million hits every month.

We take immense pride in being the India’s premier and the most comprehensive effort of its kind ever attempted in the Power sectors in India

So join to Build Brand Awareness, Communicate Product features and Benefits, Alert Visitors to Investment and Development Opportunities, Reach to your Target Audience through Fastest growing communication channel.

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Electronic files are preferred on PC formatted media (CD’s, Pen drives) or via e-mail. Image may be a GIF, PNG or JPG web viewable format. can Offer you Online Advertising Solutions Tailor-made to Suit your Requirements.

  • Various Banner Advertisement Options
  • Newsletter Advertisements
  • Direct email
  • Social Media
  • Quizzes and contests
  • And many more innovative solutions based on your requirement.

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  1. Good Morning,
    Tenmat Ltd.,UK based company manufacturing FEROFORM range of composite bearings for various application Pumps. FEROFORM is cured synthetic material reinforced with woven synthetic fibre cloth with MOS2 + Heat Stabilizer, makes it most suitable for diff.application.feroform applicable in many ind. such as Thermal plant, Hydro ind, Power plants & many more.
    please provide your contact details for details in brief

  2. Good Morning,
    i am interested in advertising opportunities on your website, but i dont receive any reply to my email at
    Can you please get back to me?
    Jonathan Collings

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