Finland’s solution for India’s power woes
October 29th, 2010

The ministry of renewable energy resources headed by Farooq Abdullah is taking a close look at various proposals made by a Finish delegation led by Paavo Vayrynen, Minister for foreign trade and development.

The Finish minister said his country aims to explore opportunities in India’s rapidly growing economy while strengthening its position as leading know-how provider in renewable energy technologies.

“India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change has laid out a target of generating 15 per cent of total power from renewable sources by 2020, starting with 5 per cent in 2010. Finnish wind and solar power technology providers with advanced technologies are significant players worldwide. In Finland, renewables contribute one quarter of the country’s total energy consumption and account for more than one quarter of its power generation,” he said.

Furthermore, the national goal is to increase the share of renewable energy use from the current level of 25 percent to 38 percent by 2020.

“Being one of the leading countries in energy efficiency and use of renewable energy in the world, Finland can offer a broad range of expertise to support of India’s growth and development, especially in production and use of energy,” Paavo Vayrynen said.

Leading Finnish clean technology companies Ensto, Kemira, Outotec, The Switch, Vacon & WinWinD are showcasing their solutions for renewable energy production at Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference on 27-29 October 2010.

Senior officials from the Finish companies claimed that India’s total loss of power of over 35 per cent can be cut be cut down by 20 per cent if normal power transmission lines are replaced by insulated power cables. “This would make thefts by hooks difficult if not impossible,” they claimed.

According to the experts, India can work on having more power supply grids. “If you have a grid within the company where the supply is needed or if it can take care of the needs of a village through solar or wind energy directly, then the power losses can be cut by at least 20 per cent. The distance between the grids needs to be minimised to achieve maximum utilisation of power generation,” they said.

Increasing demand has boosted technology development and strengthened the position of Finnish technology in the global market.

Since energy is the lifeline for progress, it is imperative for a booming economy like India to shift to renewable sources of energy.

India ranks sixth in the world in total energy consumption and is set to accelerate the development of the sector in order to provide energy security to all.

“The rapidly growing wind energy market in Asia is one the reasons for the establishment of Winwind Power Energy Private Limited (WPEPL) in India, as a 100 per cent ┬ásubsidiary of Winwind Oy. We have made significant investments in the high end test laboratory to substantiate the quality of turbines and blades before the products are dispatched to customers,” Narayan Kumar, vice president of Winwind Power Energy Private Limited, said.
“Finnish wind power solution providers with most advanced technologies are significant players in worldwide and Finnish proficiency can be found in nearly half of the over 1 MW sized wind power plants globally,” Santtu Hulkkonen, executive director of Cleantech Finland, said.

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