The projections for power sector in the 11th plan were “unrealistic”:Montek
March 26th, 2011

Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission, Mr Montek Singh Ahluwalia, on Saturday said it would be an achievement if India could achieve capacity addition of 52,000 MW of power generation at the end of 11th five-year-plan in 2012 despite much higher projections earlier.

The projections for power sector in the 11th plan were “unrealistic”, and had to be scaled down.

At the outset of 11th plan, target was 78,000 MW of capacity addition, but within two years it was scaled down to 62,000 MW, and now even if the country could add 52,000 MW, it would be a big “achievement”, Mr Ahluwalia said.

Speaking at the interactive session on `Growing disparity despite growing GDP’, Mr Ahluwalia said availability of coal for thermal power generation was a crucial factor for the sector.

Today, India imports 40 million tonnes of coal, which may go up to as much as 250 million tonnes in future, he said.

On the political unrest in middle-east, he said there was no imminent threat to Indian economy unless it affected petrol-production and prices.

Details of the targets and actual achievements during the various Plans are:

Plan Target(MW) Achievement(MW) %
1st (51-56) 1300 1100 84.6
2nd (56-61) 3500 2250 64.3
3rd (61-66) 7040 4520 64.2
4th (69-74) 9264 4579 49.5
5th (74-79) 12499 10202 81.6
6th (80-85) 19666 14226 72.3
7th (85-90) 22245 21401 96.2
8th (92-97) 30538 16423 53.8
9th (97-02) 40245 19015 47.5
10th (02-07) 41110 21180 51.7
11th (07-12) 78000 52000(expected) 66.6


One Response to The projections for power sector in the 11th plan were “unrealistic”:Montek

  1. Rakesh says:

    Why do we set such unrealistic targets ? Is it just to make ourselves happy in the beginning and then to beat our own heads in the end.

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