RE sector will soon have to abide by stricter grid laws: CERC
November 30th, 2011

The renewable energy (RE) sector will soon be in for stricter grid laws and standards compliance regime, a member of Central Electricity Regulatory Commission said here today. CERC, a power sector regulator, also expressed concern over the high cost of wind power in the nation and blamed the wind equipment manufacturers for ‘exploiting’ the market, owing to lack of transparency. “The renewable energy sector must follow the grid laws and standards strictly. The metering at their end should be made proper, and they should follow the grid standards like unscheduled change charges etc..,” Member CERC V S Verma said. “They must invest in technology to predict right outputs. Then they will have to follow our scheduling and let us know like how much power they are going to produce tomorrow,” he said. “Certain margins will be given to them, but not forever,” Verma said adding that to start with we had relaxed the norms, the tariffs, but this is going to be tightened. “The plus minus thirty percent band variation given by the commission to power producers in renewable energy (on what they say and what actually they inject in the grid) shall be tightened for solar and wind power soon,” Verma said. “The wind and solar power generators must understand that if they have to inject into the grid they must follow all rules and regulations,” Verma told PTI, on sidelines of a conference-Powering Gujarat-organised here by Independent Power Producers Association of India (IPPAI). As we aim to have one frequency we are tightening the frequency pattern first. Presently it is between 49.5 to 50.2 hertz, we are very soon going to make it to 49.7 to 50.1 hertz, Verma said. “We shall tighten it further so that grid can operate at 50 hertz frequency,” he said

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