Power supply restored after worst grid failure of decade
V K Gupta
July 30th, 2012

Power supply restored after worst grid failure of decade
Monday July 30, 2012

Power supply to seven states including Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pardesh and Rajasthan was restored to a large extent after northern region was plunged into darkness today early morning after the grid collapsed at 2.32 AM. The last major grid failure was in year 2001.
All the running thermal and hydro station in entire Northern Region except 3 units at Badarpur TPS , Generating Unit at Narora and Bhinmal in Rajasthan with total load of 450 MW only. The complete blackout for more than 4 hours was witnessed in all the seven states.
The long distance trains running on electrical engines were stranded midway. The power failure affected more than 300 trains. The stations where passenger trains were stranded in Punjab and Haryana include Ambala, Kurukshetra, Phillaur, Sirhind, Ludhiana, Phagwara and Karnal.
It took more than 6 to 7 hours to start the light up process at Ropar and Lehra Mohabatt thermal stations as supply from hydro plants was delayed. BBMB units of Bhakra, Dehar and Pong were revived after 8 AM.
Three Ropar thermal unit 1,3,4 &6 were lighted up after power supply to thermal was restored and other two units 2,5 has been delayed due to barring gear problem. Unit 1 and 4 started generation in afternoon. At Lehra Mohabatt unit 1 has been synchronized. All the units of Ropar and Lehra Mohabatt will start generation by evening, said PSPCL official.
In Haryana all the units has been lighted up this morning after grid failure. Unit no. 6 of Panipat thermal plant was first unit to start generation at 11.45 AM. All the thermal units are expected by evening, said an HPGCL official.
The power grid collapsed because some states apparently drew more power than they were authorised to do to meet the increasing demand. Uttar Pardesh was drawing more than 6300 MW against schedule of 5500 MW and suddenly demand crossed 7200 MW at the time of grid failure. Haryana was also overdrawing 600 MW at that time. The system frequency rose to 50 .48 Hz when the grid collapsed after some fault at Agra.
Union Power Minister has appointed a three member committee to investigate the cause of grid failure. Headed by Central Electricity Authority Chairman .The committee will submit report in next 15 days.
It may be mentioned that today there was an international convention being held at New Delhi and all the top brass of Power Grid and other central Government power sector officials were busy with the same. It is an irony the grid failed on eve of such big convention.

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