Yet another grid failure halts life in half of India
V K Gupta
July 31st, 2012

Yet another grid failure halts life in half of India
Tuesday July 31, 2012
Just when North India thought a nightmarish power crisis was behind them, the Northern ,Eastern and north eastern grids have failed again at 1 PM.
Technical snag hit the Northern Grid for the second consecutive day on Tuesday leading to paralyzing of all services in northern region. Along with northern grid eastern and north eastern grid also collapsed simultaneously leading to black out in 12 states.
Heavy over drawl by Uttar Pardesh, Haryana and Rajasthan is the likely cause of grid failure. All the three states were overdrawing to the extent of 1200 MW each. The reason for the grid failures in the North and East have reportedly been caused because frequency has dipped below the optimal level of 49 HZ . However officials have been unable to identify exactly where the fault has occurred.
The power supply in Punjab and Haryana are likely to be restored late in evening. The supply to thermal plants from hydro station is being arranged and it will take 4 to 6 hours to start thermal units.
Earlier on Monday, seven states in the northern region saw power trip off at 2.32 am due to a major breakdown in the Northern Grid. The power failure had hit rail, Metro and road-traffic operations, as well as services at hospitals and civic bodies.
Meanwhile CERC in its order said today that in case the constituents do not comply with the directions of NRLDC with regard to overdrawal NRLDC shall take necessary steps to open the identified feeder(s) to the constituent States in order to reduce the over-drawl and restore the grid to the safe operating frequency band.
CERC order further says that Since, the situation has not improved despite our directions, we direct the Officers-incharge of the STUs/SLDCs of the States of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir to personally appear before the Commission on August 14.

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