India, US to boost cooperation to reduce power cuts
Amit Antil
September 30th, 2012

Washington: India and the US are exploring the possibilities of large scale cooperation in generation and storage of power from renewable sources like solar and wind power to make power cuts in India a thing of the past.
The two countries are setting up a group to discuss financing options for encouraging energy generation through renewable sources and integration of various renewable energy source with the grid and storage technologies.
The decision to set up the group was taken here Friday at the just concluded India-US energy dialogue co-chaired by B.K. Chaturvedi, member, Planning Commission, and US Energy Secretary Steven Chu.
Indian Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai, US Deputy Energy Secretary Daniel Poneman and other senior officials from both sides were present during the dialogue, according to an Indian embassy release.
The dialogue also noted the enormous trade and investment opportunities……

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One Response to India, US to boost cooperation to reduce power cuts

  1. raj says:

    if some one has developed tecnology of storage he could be Bill gate and mukesh ambani combine( indo-us combine )
    looking toconduct some seminars power cut a thing of pas whom the spokesmen are folling . kangress led govt is good at giving assurances

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