Gas swap deals mooted to tackle power deficit
Himanshu Arora
March 31st, 2013

The Central Electricity Authority said on Saturday that a gas swap arrangement between power-surplus Gujarat and gas-starved Andhra Pradesh will help generate an additional 1,500 MW.

“Gujarat is power surplus and some of the units are being shut down there. Therefore, if these states agree, it is possible to swap gas and help Andhra Pradesh generate about 1,500 MW with a supply of about 6 to 6.5 mmscmd (million standard cubic metres per day),” A.S. Bakshi, Chairperson, Central Electricity Authority, said.

Addressing a press conference here, he said “such a move will be beneficial to both the States. While power consumers in Gujarat will continue to get power, an energy deficit State like AP will be able to produce about 1500 MW .”

States such as Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh need to agree to such an arrangement, and this is likely within weeks. Thereafter, the Empowered Group of Ministers have to approve the move, he said.

Grid limits

States in the South are unable to access additional power from other regions due to limitations of the grid in transmitting excess power.



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