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  1. Ankur Kumar says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    Kindly provide me relevant links pertaining to new coal pricing in India on GCV band basis.I have downloaded few PDFs from Coal India Limited website for a presentation compilation, but it seems despite our best effort my group has not been able to stand on the expectations of our teacher.

    Although the PDFs I have downloaded is dated January 2012 and June 2012 but it’s missing formulation for calculating coal prices.Also most prices pertaining to a particular GCV band remains same as that during previous years which my teacher thinks is wrong.

    I therefore request you to do one of the following for the needful:

    1) Provide me links asap for latest coal pricing scenario

    2) Kindly provide me the figures of prices against each GCV band

    3) Mathematical formula (if any) used to determine the coal prices.

    I will be highly obliged.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ankur Kumar
    National Power Training Institute

  2. k. rangarajan says:

    what is the purchasing and selling price for the wind energy by the electricity boards of various states such as TN, MAHA, RAJ, GUJ etc., and also that of Pakistan and Turkey.

  3. Karunakar says:

    With respect to load on what basis volatge levels are decided

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