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Power Plus  It is the first in the series of publications by team. This reports main focus was to give a broad overview of Power Sector.Published on: Jan 19th 2013

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Power Plus – Distribution  The report gives an overview of present condition of Distribution sector and landmark steps of privatization. With more than INR 1.6 trillion of losses the Distribution sector is the leaking bucket which needs to be repaired.Published on: Mar 4th 2013

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Power Plus- Coalnomics  This report gives an overview of prevailing coal scenario with a brief overview of imported coal, coal quality, recent developments and measures to be taken.Published on: Jan 19th 2013

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Power Plus – Smart Grid   In this report we tried to cover all the key areas of Smart GRID. The Details of which can be seen below.

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Power-Plus Solar Power Plus – Solar  A brief comprehensive handbook for developers and investors to maximize their returns.How much can you expect as returns from your investment into solar.

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Power-Plus OA

Power Plus – Open Access  The report gives an overview of present condition of Open Access in different states of India. In short the report focuses on Opportunity Assessment and Implementation.

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6 Responses to Read Our Reports

  1. SUBHA KANTA DAS says:

    i am interested for setting up roof top solar panel 1kw each and it will be connected to the nearest grid s/s pl guide me.
    Thank u Subha kanta

  2. kabir gupta says:

    I want to know about the 1 mega watt solar power plant. Details about investment , subsidies ,bank loans and returns.

  3. chandu says:

    I would like to know everything about setting up soalr plants

  4. Nikhil Kumar says:

    I would like to know about the scope of management studies in the area of power.For examples, if an institute opens a new course, MBA Power management, what will be the major “Opportunities and Risks” associated with it?
    Kindly send an answer, covering current power scenario and all necessary information.
    Thanking You
    Nikhil Kumar

    • says:

      There are few colleges all over India Like NPT , IEMR and TERI which have courses on Power Management and similar. However, they face stiff challenge form courses like MBA finance or technical knowledge. Also, there scope is very specific and due to less number of companies in sector and lower man power requirement in Managerial positions the risk with course increases.

      These, risks can be mitigated by giving specializations like in regulatory, Business Development, Marketing and Financing

  5. Y Nagaraju says:

    I would like to be informed about setting up of a solar power plant 25MW as an investor.

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