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NLDC gets CERC notice for non-issuance of REC

The National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC), New Delhi, has been issued a notice by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) over a petition by Surajbari Windfarm Development Private Limited (SWDPL) challenging non-issuance of renewable energy credit (REC).

The SWDPL has approached CERC in December last year after NLDC declined to issue REC for the power the company had generated and injected into the grid during the month of August, 2012.

The commission headed by chairperson Pramod Deo admitted the petition and issued notice to NLDC and directed it to file reply by January 11 and scheduled next hearing on February 5.

SWDPL has set up the 10.1.8 MW wind turbine generators in Kutch, Gujarat, under the renewable energy certificate scheme notified under Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Terms and

Conditions for recognition and issuance of renewable Energy Generation) Regulations, 2010. The company was accredited by the central agency on May 23, 2012 and later registered on June 29, 2012.

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No major demand surge for power expected on Diwali night

A delayed Diwali this year brings some respite to National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC), as no sudden spurt on electricity demand is expected this Diwali season (Monday and Tuesday).

This is primarily for two reasons, sources say. First this year Diwali is delayed and already peak agricultural demand is over. Second, a large number of industrial units are shut for the festival, which drastically brings down the demand.

In fact, according to power producers, the Northern Regional Grid experiences relatively high demand during July-August (paddy season) which was being partly met from generation in the other two regional systems, as intended through the inter-regional transmission system built for the purpose.

“Peak demand may not be much. But ramping is important. NLDC is monitoring the flow and no disruption is expected,” a senior official at NLDC told Business Line.

Ramping is expected to go up on Monday and Tuesday in the Northern and Western grid. This means electricity consumption would suddenly go up after dark.

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Outage of 400 KV Bina-Gwalior-Agra line likely cause of grid failure

Outage of 400 KV Bina-Gwalior-Agra line likely cause of grid failure

Thursday August 2, 2012


The outage of 400 KV Bina-Gwalior-Agra for up-gradation since July 28 is the likely cause of two grid failures on two consecutive days and not power over drawl by states as is being made out.

National Load Dispatch Centre (NLDC) has now revised the limits of inter -regional power transmission from different 765 and 400 KV transmission lines in view of recent grid failures. NLDC has pointed out that in case of both grid failures there was heavy power flow on the 400 kV Bina-Gwalior-Agra single circuit section crossing 1000 MW on the single circuit available.

It may be mentioned that the 765 KV transmission line was being operated at 400 KV. The second circuit of 400 KV Bina- Gwalior –Agra line was under outage since 28th July for up-gradation to 765 KV level. Grid failure was averted earlier at 1510 hours on 29th July 2012 under similar conditions.

A senior power sector expert said that since the up-gradation of 400 KV Bina –Agra transmission line is a planned work and it should have been taken during the lean period. It is well known that power load in northern region is at its peak during paddy season. Moreover the monsoon this year has been below normal and power demand surpassed utilities estimates.


NLDC in consultation with Central Electricity Authority and CTU has worked out the Short Term Open Access (STOA) approvals by to be given by Regional Load Dispatch Centers .Further if at any time due to an emergency in the system, RLDCs would take all

Actions necessary to ensure system security including curtailment of transactions.

The available margin for short term open access from western grid to northern grid through 400 KV Bina – Gwalior –Agra line has been fixed at 790 MW. Similarly the power transfer from eastern grid to northern grid has been fixed at 2492 MW through 400 KV Kahalgoan-Bihrshrief transmission lines. Similar power transfer has been revised for other inters regional power transfers



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