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India has a great potential to generate electricity from solar energy and the Country is on course to emerge as a solar energy hub.

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2 Responses

  1. Anil Prasad says:

    Prefer a suitable offer please.

  2. Uttamrao H Jadhav, IRS(rtd)
    Former Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise
    Managing Director, Air Castles Green Limited.

    Shrishailyam, village- Sultangade,
    taluka- Khanapur, district- Sangli.
    Postal PIN 415307.


    Namaskar !

    I have been working in Indian Civil Service for past 40 years & retired as Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise. Academically, I am engineering student of V J T I , Mumbai. Presently, I am functioning as Managing Director of Air Castles Green Limited.

    I have since devised & developed following two concepts and filed patent applications No 431/MUM/2014 & 432/MUM/2014 in Feb; 2014 & Indian Patent Authority has since published both the patents in October, 2015 .

    i) Combining solar power projects & covered farming activities i.e. by making use of land & structural materials for solar power projects also for more uses, particularly for covered farming as in Poly House/Green House. In other words, both activities can be combined so as to double the revenue, first through generation of solar power and second by enhancing agricultural production, simultaneously out of same land & little additional structural materials.

    Revenue of over Rs 160 lac(US $ 250,000), through agricultural production in covered farming (Poly House) in 1.60 hectors, will be in addition to revenue out of generation of electricity ( nearly 18 lac units) through solar power project of 1 (one) MW on the same land and with almost same structural materials. Also, with water irrigation beneath solar panels, electricity generation will go up at least by 8 %.

    ii) Floating solar power projects on water bodies such as dams, reservoirs, lakes, rivers etc. Solar panels will provide good cover on the water bodies so as to protect water from getting contaminated by dirt & dust while eliminating huge evaporation losses.

    Up to 40 % of water in dams, reservoirs, lakes etc get evaporated every year that is invaluable.

    Besides, surface for solar power projects will be available at no cost as the surface above water bodies goes vacant & unused. Also, with existence of water beneath solar panels, electricity generation will go up at least by 8 %. Such savings in water as well as the surface added with enhanced generation will make solar power project more beneficial.

    Each solar and wind power project may be associated with proportionate size hydo power project. Surplus electricity out of solar/wind power projects, at any hour or day, can be used for lifting water gone down from hydro project; and same water will be available for further generation of electricity. This mechanism will indirectly, work as storage of electricity and will help regulating generation of electricity commensurate with consumption, requirement.

    Installation of solar power projects in the manner envisaged above, will help

    (a) generation of more electricity,

    (b) regulating generation commensurate with requirement,

    (c) saving more than 2000 TMCs (56 billion cubic meters) water ,

    (d) enhancing agricultural production on irrigated land to over 400 % to 1000 % ,

    (e) reducing cost of generation of electricity out of solar power &

    (f) eliminate difficulties in identifying land for solar power projects.

    In India, We have plans

    a) in first phase to install 100 MW capacity solar power project and to do covered farming as in Poly-House in 160 hectors of land beneath the power project;

    b) in first phase also to install 100 MW capacity solar power project floating on water bodies viz. on a dam in Maharashtra, India;

    c) in second phase to install solar power project on massive scale, say over 100 GW and do covered farming as in Poly-House in more than 160,000 hectors of land beneath the proposed power projects.

    d) In second phase, also to install solar power projects on massive scale, say more than 100 GW capacity, floating on dams in India.

    Project at a) above is estimated to cost Rs 9 billion (US $ 140 million)and that at b) above would cost Rs 7.5 billion (US $ 120 million).

    With due expansion, cost of generation of electricity may go down substantially, to the extent that power will be available at minimal price, practically free.

    We can conduct, manage the projects including covered farming activities. Enough land is available and I have been carrying out farming activities for past 25 years.

    You may like to consider joining the projects by providing technical help & financial support in form of equity & loan including in form of solar power project materials, services for first phase of these two projects.

    With regards,

    Uttamrao Hanumantrao Jadhav, IRS (rtd)
    Managing Director, Air Castles Green Limited.

    “ShriShailyam”, Village – Sultangade, Taluka – Khanapur, District – Sangli, Maharashtra State, India. Pin – 415307.
    Website : ; Phone : +919819670920 ; +919833669535 ; +912347 257672
    Email :; ; Blog :

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